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Frank Miles, a media consultant searching for the man who murdered his business partner, meets his match in the shadowy hit man, George Raymond. For Raymond, murder makes good business sense.
From Minotaur Books ... Who killed Lily Hight? And why is the body count still rising after Los Angeles County's biggest murder trial ended weeks ago? LAPD detective Lena Gamble returns in this high-speed thriller to investigate the most shocking series of murders to occur in Los Angeles in decades.
Teddy Mack, a civil attorney just out of law school, is thrown headfirst into a grisly serial murder case in Robert Ellis´s high-octane international bestseller.
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Murder Season Available Now
Coleen Marlo won the 2011 Audie Award for Fiction for her reading of Robert Helenga's novel Snakewoman of Little Egypt. Recent recordings include: Texas! Lucky by Sandra Brown, Pilgrims by Elizabeth Gilbert, and Soldier: The Life of Colin Powell. What's next? MURDER SEASON, available NOW in bookstores everywhere.

Coleen Marlo records Murder Season in Los Angeles
Many thanks to readers and fans of LAPD detective Lena Gamble from Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany.

Translations of both CITY OF FIRE and THE LOST WITNESS published by Goldmann Random House lived on the top 100 list for more than four months. Last summer, both thrillers were in the top 20 of all books in print. In eBooks, CITY OF FIRE and THE LOST WITNESS were in the top 10 at the same time. After twelve months, CITY OF FIRE was still in the top 25.