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"Ellis spins a potent thriller."
        -- Publishers Weekly

"A page-turning potboiler. We like this book! The tone is a fusion of James Ellroy and James Carville."
       -- Philadelphia Daily News

"Before you can say 'Chinatown' we are immersed in a tale of mind-boggling corruption where virtually every character in the book has a hidden agenda. Ellis is a master plotter."
       -- Joe Meyers, Hearst Media News Group, 2012  Recipient
            of the Ellery Queen Award

"We want more."

      -- Miami Examiner

       -- Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine
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What's New, October 2015
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I can't say how happy I am that the audio edition of THE DEAD ROOM is finally here. The novel is narrated by Jim McCance, the read so chilling, I couldn't sleep. I hope you enjoy this truly remarkable interpretation of one of my favorite novels.
October 2014
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In January 2014 the rights to a German language edition of THE DEAD ROOM were acquired by AmazonCrossing in Europe. The translation was completed in June, the book went into production, and is now available for purchase. With more than 450 FIVE STAR reviews in the US, this is my most personal story. THE DEAD ROOM is truly the mother lode.
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What's new, finally, is my next crime novel. The story introduces us to a new character, Matt Jones, a young detective working his first murder case. Set in Lena Gamble's world of Hollywood and Los Angeles, I've been wanting to tell this horrific story since the day I wrote the final chapter of THE DEAD ROOM. This epic thriller is seriously twisted, more than THE LOST WITNESS, MURDER SEASON, or even CITY OF FIRE. Booklist has given CITY OF ECHOES a Starred Review calling it "Ellis' powerhouse of a novel ... Ellis keeps everything in focus while building a staggering forward momentum.Then a tsunami of revelations and reversals begins, each put forth with stunning emotional force ... Awesome ..."
"Scorching. Deliciously twisted. Nothing is what it appears to be. Ellis succeeds masterfully in both playing fair and pulling surprise after surprise in a story that feels like a runaway car plunging down a mountain road full of switchbacks."
       -- Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

"Ellis serves up a killer crime tale with riveting characters and relentless twists."
       -- Booklist, STARRED REVIEW
"Los Angeles, under a cloud of acrid smoke. Robert Ellis´s CITY OF FIRE is a gripping, spooky crime novel."
       -- The New York Times HOT LIST Pick

"CITY OF FIRE is my kind of crime novel. Gritty, tight and assured."
       -- Michael Connelly

"CITY OF FIRE features a tough but deeply flawed protagonist, a tantalizingly complex plot, fully realized -- and realistic -- characters, and most of all, a palpable intensity. And if that weren't enough, the bombshell plot twist at the novel's conclusion makes this an absolute must read for thriller aficionados."
       -- Chicago Tribune

Los Angeles Times Bestseller

July 28, 2014 (Kindle Edition)
In October 2013 a Spanish translation of CITY OF FIRE came out as CIUDAD DE FUEGO, the reviews wonderful. This past week a Kindle edition was released. I'd been hoping this would happen, and it finally did. I'm jazzed about the whole thing, including the cover art which I think is terrific.
This audiobook is available at Audible.com, Amazon.com, and iTunes in the US, and Amazon.com in the UK.
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