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Frank Miles, a media consultant searching for the man who murdered his business partner, meets his match in the shadowy hit man, George Raymond. For Raymond, murder makes good business sense, particularly with a growing client base in Washington.
Teddy Mack, a civil attorney just out of law school, is forced against his will to represent a gruesome serial killer in Robert Ellis's high-octane international bestseller. Set in Philadelphia where Robert grew up, and written as a tribute to his father who introduced him to Thomas Harris's Red Dragon, The Dead Room is one of Robert's most personal works.

Lena Gamble, a young LAPD detective just promoted from Hollywood to the elite Robbery-Homicide Division, investigates a series of horrific murders in Robert Ellis´s critically acclaimed Los Angeles Times bestseller.

Homicide detective Lena Gamble rides again in Robert Ellis´s explosive fourth novel, fighting her way through corporate corruption and greed to solve a series of brutal murders in Los Angeles.

Who killed Lily Hight? And why is the body count still rising when Los Angeles County's biggest murder trial ended weeks ago? LAPD Detective Lena Gamble returns in this high-speed thriller to investigate the most shocking series of murders to occur in Los Angeles in decades.
B O O K   C O L L E C T I O N
A Lena Gamble Novel, Book 3
A Lena Gamble Novel, Book 2
A Lena Gamble Novel, Book 1
"Robert Ellis is a master of suspense." MYSTERY SCENE MAGAZINE
Detective Matt Jones, Book 2
THE LOVE KILLINGS is a continuation of the epic thriller CITY OF ECHOES, the story set six weeks later when a new series of particularly gruesome murders occur in Philadelphia. All evidence points to the killer who fled LA, a man of unprecedented savagery and cunning. Detective Matt Jones is recruited by a federal prosecutor to join the FBI's manhunt and capture this brutal mass killer once and for all.
Coming August 2, 2016
Detective Matt Jones, Book 1
Robert Ellis outs a new hero in his most spine-tingling, emotionally taut, thriller so far. Matt Jones, an LAPD detective working Homicide for the first time, learns all too quickly that the only way he's going to survive his own case is with his .45 up and ready.