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NPR Interview with Robert Ellis
Faith Middleton speaks with Robert Ellis about The Lost Witness on her program. WNPR/2009 (17:37) ... (requires flash)
L.A. in a Heartbeat, The Lost Witness
An Essay by Robert Ellis for Mystery Readers Journal
Film vs. Fiction, The Complete Interview
Publishers Weekly talks with Robert Ellis about City of Fire
Robert Ellis Photo Gallery
Various Images & Jacket Art
Murder Season Book Tour
Information about events and book signings.
David's Book Talk Interview with Robert Ellis
David English speaks with Robert about Murder Season, the latest thriller featuring LAPD homicide detective Lena Gamble and the third novel in the series. 12/5/11 (60:00)
Robert Ellis Talks About Writing Murder Season
Three Interviews

The Miami Examiner 
(February 29, 2012)

Red Weather Review (March 29, 2012)

The Hartford Examiner(April 8, 2012)
"Scorching. Deliciously twisted." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
New! Robert will be discussing storytelling techniques that apply to all works of fiction, whether your interests are in novels, films, plays, or video games.